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One and Done Lice Treatment
Services and Rates


Head Screening : $20 per head.

Our signature AirAlle' tm Treatment: $175.

House Cleaning Education:  Included.

Lice Prevention Products available at the salon during your appointment.

If you have a Health savings account, our services our generally covered and we are able to charge your fee’s directly
thru your HSA card.


All of our services are offered at our comfortable and private salon in Sun Prairie. 

We offer free Wi-Fi, refreshments, Netflix and the use of I-pads while you are here.  With all of these pleasant distractions the treatment goes by fast.  We have even had some kids wonder when they could come again.



Head Screening

Each member of the household will need to have a thorough screening to determine if head lice are present. It is important that every member of the house is checked, as the chances of other family members and caregivers contracting lice is quite high.

 If head lice are detected and a treatment plan is chosen, there will be no charge for the screening.
We specialize in non-toxic products and methods. Our clinician will go strand by strand through your family's hair to eliminate lice and the nits.


Our signature AirAlle' TM Lice Removal Treatment

This is a revolutionary new way to kill head lice and their eggs without using pesticides or other chemicals. Clinical studies have shown that it provides a very safe, fast and highly effective way to kill ALL stages of head lice–including nits(lice eggs)! At The Bright Side, cost for lice treatment is only $175 which includes the AirAlle' TM treatment and a complete comb out (to remove all dead lice and nits). An average of 30 minutes is required to make sure the whole scalp has been treated. The treatment is performed by a certified AirAlle' TM   operator. This lice treatment is done with our FDA cleared device and kills 99.2% of nits in clinical trials. Best of all, we can get you back to “The Bright Side” in just one treatment and we offer a 30-day guarantee!
Our Guarantee
  • Full head lice removal after a single AirAlle'tm treatment.
  • We will guarantee no return of lice for 30 days after treatment.
  • AirAlle'tm guarantees to kill lice and 99.2% nits in an hour or less.
  • All family/household members must be checked for guarantee to be valid.

600 West Main Street, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 53590, United States
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