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The Bright Side LLC
01:10:11 03/10/2017
September was National Lice Prevention Month. Here is a link to an informational website on Myths and Fact of Head Lice.

The Bright Side LLC
15:15:01 09/08/2017
We are a licensed preferred provider of the AirAlle' treatment for the Lice Clinics of America. No Chemicals. Guaranteed one time treatment. No combing by you after the treatment required!

The Bright Side LLC
03:47:05 22/03/2014
Here is another story/study of why you should use our Air Alle treatment. No chemicals used , so no resistance to our method. Call now.
A recent study shows that medication that has previously been used to treat head lice is outdated. The new study, which was published in this month's issue of Journal of Medical Entomology, warned that many head lice in North America now have a gene mutation that resists typical over-the-counter ...

The Bright Side LLC
16:25:47 15/03/2014
Super Lice are no match for the Air Alle' treatment.  Give us a call to be lice free, guaranteed. No Hassle. No Chemicals.
They're the creepy-crawly critters that make every parent squirm. And new research shows that they are becoming increasingly difficult to kill.

The Bright Side LLC
15:31:49 15/03/2014
Our Air Alle' treatment is a safe alternative to the old and new chemicals, and it is effective on Super Lice!  One 30 minute treatment with a thorough comb out after is all it takes, No Hassle, no treating 2 or 3 more times, you and your child are lice free, with No Chemicals used.
Dealing with a child who comes home from school with head lice is difficult at the best of times.

The Bright Side LLC
23:22:43 12/03/2014
This story is kind of a typical experience that we hear about quite often. if you find yourself in this situation our Air Alle' treatment is a great alternative, as we use no chemicals, no pesticides and guarantee our treatment.
It involves a four-letter word that strikes terror in the heart of any caregiver of school-age children. The word, of course, is lice. The scientific name for head lice is Pediculosis and these creatures are tiny, wingless insects that survive by feeding on human blood. They are most often found in the hair of children between the ages of three and 12.

The Bright Side LLC
04:30:50 11/03/2014
Do you take selfies? You might want to think twice after you read this.
We've all taken a selfie with our cell phones and you may have taken a group selfie, where one or more people squeeze in putting their heads together to get in the shot.

The Bright Side LLC
02:51:13 07/03/2014
Here's a short video about the Air Alle' treatment we provide. Check out our website for ore info : 

The Bright Side LLC
02:28:36 07/03/2014
Here is an introductory video about the Air Alle' treatment we provide in Sun Prairie at our private salon.
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